Kit Builder

Kit Builder Disclaimer

The Kit Builder is provided as is in its current form without any warrantee or guarantee.
Any information we are using is public domain or we have permission to use it.

The Kit Builder uses user input for much of its data and therefore may possess terms or phrases that some may find offensive.
The Kit Builder is moderated, however, not everything can be caught right away. We do our best remove offensive material.
As such, any user submitted content is not representative of views of Brody.MC Media, this tool's developers, or any of Brody.MC Media's branches.
Also, we use cookies. I have to say now because some governments feel like you need that. It basically just goes: "You confirmed it!". Or don't.
Then you just can't use the tool.

Have fun using the tool and remember that while we are on GitHub, we do have terms of use which can be found here: License.