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July 20, 2015, noon

Monotony is your enemy; monotony is your friend; monotony is hell; monotony is heaven.

Monotony is a major part of everyone's lives. Everyday we wake up; everyday we work; everyday we play; everyday we fall back asleep. Our normal groove, worn deep by decades of passage, is familiar and loving. It becomes so deep that one cannot see outside its ever-growing embankments. Our 'normal' is borne of monotony that leads us to carve out this massive undertaking. As its slopes steepen, people becomes even more set in their ways and internal change can become impossible if the ever-reaching cliffs attain that infinitesimal height that rides along side decades of monotony. And, unfortunately for all, these walls can grow without alerting those who create them until the depth is so large that the sun can only be seen for moments a day framed between two massive walls.

Monotony becomes most interesting, however, when one is forcibly moved from their cavernous groove and placed into a new, regulated one. In the beginning, all one can do is long for the monotonous prison they have cultivated for themselves. But, as time passes, the mind begins to realize that the original groove is no longer attainable; the person of interest is now under heavy regulation from an exterior force. Eventually, the mind digs its way in and begins a new groove guided by the aforementioned exterior factor. Then as the mind digs its way into its new home, it appears to become content with its situation. But, deep down it is only becoming numb to its predicament. Inside and behind the scenes, the mind is giving up on its longing to return to its original, 'normal' groove. The body functions and continues to do its job as dictated by the regulated groove, but begins to slow down as time moves on. Eventually, with enough prodding and bending, the mind will give up entirely. True happiness becomes unobtainable and the mind settles down in the wrong groove, never doing what it truly was intended to do due to the severe regulation.

In this modern world, one's mind can easily be led astray. One's mind can easily be forced into a groove where it does not fit. And this will only lead to sadness. Some who have been pushed into a groove that they were never intended to be in will still function, but, in the end, the heart will not be there and, therefore, true happiness will be void. The opposite, however, can also happen. One's mind could be pushed lightly in a direction and then, perhaps unknowingly, find itself in the groove that it was ultimately intended for.

Monotony is your enemy; monotony is your friend; monotony is hell; monotony is heaven. Monotony will drive one's mind into a place it never would want to be. Monotony will drive one's mind into a place it that it longs for. Monotony will make one's life a futile chore where death appears to be the only escape. Monotony will make one's life an amazing gift that is too precious to ever release, even in death.

Monotony is both our mind's savior and its destroyer. It creates a groove to follow. It allows one to do what ever needs to be done and, after time, begins to hide the world that could have been from our minds.