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What is Purpose

April 3, 2016, noon

Today we're going to talk about one of the big questions of the human condition: What is the purpose of life?

To begin of course, one must think about what life is. For the sake of this discussion, and to save on time, we're just going to define it as the consciousness that you are experiencing right now, and a second ago, and a second from now. Life is just simply the experience you're having; but, back to question at hand.

I'm sure most, if not all of you, have some inkling of an idea what your purpose in life may be. You have this shred of an idea and you cling to it, or maybe you feel you've found all the answers and are satisfied with the results. While others still, may be in the void of their mind racking it, trying to find the truth. But then of course there are those who simply don't want or don't have the time to care; they choose to be removed from this conversation and to each their own. Regardless, it's part of the human condition to strive for purpose. In my observations, I have come to the conclusion that our minds are hardwired to designate purpose. It was necessary for survival when we were still hitting two stones together in the hope that our gods would save us from the monsters that tread just outside the reach of our fires. Without giving ourselves a purpose, we would simply be lost sheep wandering the world waiting for some manifestation to send us beyond. And I believe this is as true then as it is now; with the predator replaced by everyday life and the constant stress upon us. In the modern era, our will to find purpose is even stronger.

We, as human beings, strive for a purpose. We have created gods and deities of the highest power. Creations whose purpose was to guide us through the darkness and into the light at the end of the tunnel. But we're not arguing their existence here, I'm merely going to put forward a suggestion: an idea for those who may be lost or have been lost and are simply searching for a new place lay their head. We need purpose and I see it that humanity, gods or no, must be responsible for assigning themselves, each individual, a purpose. And these purposes, more often then not, will be unique to the person who spawned it.

Now, imagine yourself on a cliff, a mile above the ocean, looking out. The waves crash upon the rocks whittling them away year after year. It's nighttime, you're alone on your cliff. Out over the ocean, the stars sit vibrant, more bright than you have ever seen. It appears the ocean and the sky have become one, there is a blue haze from the full moon floating above it all. As you look out, a particular star in the billions upon billions calls to you. It might have been the way it twinkled, or maybe something else that you can't quite comprehend. Now, think about a goal. Think of that dream, not the ridiculous one you had as a small child, but rather that dream that you formulated, sat for hours contemplating, always at the back of your mind. The dream that seemed so perfect, yet so near impossible to achieve. Picture it in your head. Meditate on it. Hold it in front of you. That, that dream, is your purpose and that dream is the star on the horizon. As such, you climb down that cliff, build your boat and begin your journey. You will meet others along the way, those that will cross your path. Some you'll see once, before they disappear into the endless ocean. Others, will travel with you, boats tied together until one of moves into the void and leaves this world. Others still may accost you, try to sink your boat and send you to the unfathomable depths below. But, when it all comes down to it, you remain on a steady course.

Throughout your entire life you will move toward that star on the horizon, that dream, that purpose. Just so that you can hold it in your hand, even just for a second before it slips from your grasp. But, you are not a simpleton, you understand that you will likely never reach it. You know the star will just keep moving away from you for eternity. Sure you may find yourself directly underneath it for a time, but it will keep moving. Always moving.

And as such, you must keep moving, for you are living the journey. You are living for your purpose. You are following that dream. You know, it is unlikely you will ever reach it, but you live the journey. The people you meet, the experiences, the good times, the hardships, the times when you consider giving up on your dream or maybe even yourself. You keep living that journey and use all the power and hope you can from it.

And when the bells toll, and you feel yourself beginning to slip away, you will know you have truly lived. You will know that this life was not wasted. And then, simply stated, you will go. However, you will go a happy person; a rarity in these times of ours.

And as such, I leave you with these words: What is your purpose? Your individual purpose? That star on the horizon. That journey that you will live. Where do you see yourself going?